We strive to create working and living environments that are sustainable, practical, and serve to strengthen the city’s identity through good design and thoughtful intent. In combining our objectives with a fervent commitment to our discipline, we believe that our real estate investments are responsible today…and tomorrow.

Established in 2003, as part of Port Capital Group, PortLiving got its start by focusing on developing pioneering projects in well-located, yet underserved and overlooked neighbourhoods. We have since engaged our homeowners, business tenants and the community at-large as partners in the constant refinement of our vision of thoughtful living. Through property investments and the development of quality projects, PortLiving today is a focused, creative and responsible real estate organization.

The following principles allow our team to profit from developments that are THE best fit for our customers, allowing them to benefit from and enjoy what truly matters to their life and business. By creating a ‘sense of place’, nurtured by our mission and values, PortLiving brings inspired communities to life, every day.

  • We are committed to each other – Every relationship – employee, supplier, customer or neighbor, is meaningful. We manage these connections from the heart and continually build on a foundation and culture emphasizing integrity, care and ‘worry-free’ consistency.
  • Innovate, Innovate, Innovate – Change and growth excite us, but at the end of the day, discipline, hard work and continued education allow us to deliver a constantly improving product and service.
  • Sustainability is a way of life – The pursuit of balance is essential for healthy people and communities. Therefore, as an organization, our goals for profitability and customer fulfillment will be set against a range of ‘sustainable’ goals and a holistic view of the world and our place in it.
  • Commitment to Craftsmanship – Providing beautiful and functional spaces is especially important to us. Aesthetically pleasing environments are created through attention to craftsmanship, use of quality materials, thoughtful design, and architectural integrity.
  • Help build neighbourhoods – Location is key to each decision. Finding, planning, and developing in the best neighbourhoods, with a special focus on convenience, amenities, accessibility and transportation, differentiate our products from the competition and bring livability to our projects.
  • Provide long-term value – Real estate is typically our customer’s largest investment. As such, we pride ourselves with offering quality projects today and lasting value tomorrow—something we can all share.




Macario (Tobi) Reyes
Email: tobi.reyes@portliving.com

Brad Berry
Senior Vice President
Business Development

Email: brad.berry@portliving.com

Alex Beer
Director of Finance

Email: alex.beer@portliving.com

Venitta Lum
Vice President
Email: venitta.lum@portliving.com

Mark Frass
Director of Operations
Email: mark.frass@portliving.com

Bill Jackson
Director of Architecture
Email: bill.jackson@portliving.com

Joyce Huang
Director of Logistics
Email: joyce.huang@portliving.com

Maureen Simpson
Sales Manager

Evan Huie
Asset Manager
Email: evan.huie@portliving.com

Mia Boorman
Marketing Manager 
Email: mia.boorman@portliving.com

Ryan Bates
Email: ryan.bates@portliving.com


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